Why did I receive a fax from Healthcare Data Solutions?

1. Why did you receive this fax?

In response to the ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) regarding the security of Personal Health Information (PHI), verification needs to be confirmed by you that your fax information is correct, as well as the location of where you want the fax to be received. This protects your patients’ information by confirming it is being sent to the correct place. This information will be verified once each year.

2. What does this fax represent?

This fax represents a simple way for you, as a healthcare provider, to verify and validate vital information so that communication can continue between you, your patients, pharmacies and healthcare companies. In addition, this allows us to verify that the fax route for your practice is secure for PHI communications. This information is also used to verify a provider’s eligibility to prescribe medications.

3. What is HDS?

Healthcare Data Solutions (HDS), headquartered in Orange County, California, is a nationally recognized provider of healthcare information. Its comprehensive coverage and insight to healthcare providers, along with many of the most sought-after data elements such as provider physician e-mails, enables companies to communicate with doctors, physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare customers more effectively and efficiently. This information is also used to verify a provider’s eligibility to prescribe medications.

4. How is the information used?

This allows communication to continue uninterrupted between the Physician and Pharmacy for patient renewal requests.

5. Why should I provide this information?

By completing this form, you are verifying essential information so that your patients’ needs may be met quickly. It is critical that patient communications be sent to the correct fax number/location.

6. Is this the fax you received?

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7. Who can I call if I have questions or to stop receiving faxes?

Call us at: 1-800-467-7818